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“This photo is published under a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal Declaration proclamation”
This photo is published under a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal Declaration proclamation.

Dominic Certo, KSJ is the bestselling author of The Valor of Francesco D’Amini and now his new release Gold in the Coffins (shown below).

As a young Marine Corpsman, Certo won Regimental and Division championships in boxing and track. While serving with the 7th Marines in Vietnam at the age of 18, he was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam's Meritorious Unit Citation of Gallantry and Sanctuary Counteroffensive, The Marine Corps Distinguished Service Award and several other medals. He went on to graduate from Northwest Missouri State University. Soon after service and college, his love for sports continued, bringing him to class titles in Mr. Northern States, Mr. North America then on to world judging status as a chief official of the IFBB professional division, appearing on ABC's Wide World of Sports and NBC's Sportsworld.

He has judged and produced the Mr. Olympia, trained several bodybuilding champions and coached the first professional team to tour China and Hungary. Dom "Nick" has been a guest on radio and TV and was featured in the movie PUMPING IRON 2. Certo earned the IFBB's Silver Medal one of its highest honors, (also earned by Arnold Schwarzenegger). He was commissioned Vice President of the Professional Division and Director of all Professional Judging Worldwide.

Success Pure and Simple, was his second book and first "self-help" journal. His last novel dealt with the Vietnam War and coming of age in Vietnam of a young Marine as told through his diary and a friend, titled, The Valor of Francesco D'Amini it received national acclaim and notable awards.

He received Vega's Writer Award for Prose in 1979, The Italian American Police Society’s Man of the Year and was Knighted by the Royal Family of The Reigning Order of St.John in Russia. Certo went on to become the CEO and principal of a national food service company. He brought it public and fought to endure the wall street crash of 2007. He was named "2015 Literary Artist of the Year" by The Italian Tribune.


by Certo


Gold In The Coffins

Gold in the Coffins

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USA Today bestselling author Cara Lockwood called Gold In The Coffins “a satisfying thrill-ride” and said “this is a book that unfolds like it was meant to be an action movie.”

and from Beth Sarafraz, Managing Editor of NY BLUE Magazine and a feature writer for NY Times.

"Dom Certo and Len Harac have co-written a compelling account of successful businessman Donnie DeAngelo's treacherous journey through the land-mined maze of Wall Street trying to take his coffee company public.  DeAngelo, accompanied by his all-for-one and one-for-all band of Vietnam Marine Corps buddies, finds himself tracked by FBI and other law enforcement types who may -- or may not -- be on his side, and seems headed for bankruptcy, jail, or worse.  Despairing so deeply that he considers suicide, despite the unshakeable support of his devoted Columbian-tough wife, DeAngelo must come up with a way to endure, survive and hopefully prevail against all the odds, including the mob.  First, however, this bright but naive son of blue-collar Italian immigrants must figure out what the hell is going on and why the big honchos investing in his company seem to want the business to fail.

Mirroring real life accounts of corruption scandals at the highest levels of our nation's business sector, the book reads like a nonfiction behind the scenes kiss and tell all about the American Dream's greed and glory mix.  I was up all night race reading to the very last page -- and then I had to remind myself this was a work of fiction, but so thoroughly crafted and written that I was sure this story shoulda, coulda, woulda happened to someone out there, for real -- but that someone shoulda, coulda, woulda taken the hit and the story to his grave.  As a published nonfiction writer myself, I give high praise to this debut book by Dom Certo and Len Harac and await more world-class work by this high-powered writing team."

--Beth Sarafraz, NY BLUE NOW MAGAZINE Managing Editor/Writer, with articles published in The New York Times, New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Boxing World. Eastside Boxing.com, The Brooklyn Eagle, The Brooklyn View, The Bay News, The Newark Star-Ledger, NY Cop.com, The Jewish Press, and other publications.

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The Valor of Francesco D'Amini

"The Valor of Francesco D'Amini is one of the most popular among some 300 Vietnam novels in our library. It certainly deserves its wide audience."

John Newman, Professor, Special Collections Library, Colorado State University.

Men lived and grew old and died in a few weeks in Vietnam. A lot of them didn't live that long. This is the story of one young soldier's come of age in hell. What he saw, how he felt, the way he reacted when friends were blasted to bits right in front of him. This is a story of a few men, but it will stand for all of them. War brought out the best and worst in men, the killers and the guys who just wanted to get home. They were there and they fought a merciless enemy, killing to stay alive. This is a brutal, shocking, nightmarish book -- one that you will never forget.

Nominated for the 1980 American Book Award

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Success -- Pure and Simple or How To Make it in Business, Sports and the arts! Featuring several superstars.

"...It could be one of those books to live by!"

Edyie Tangreti, Editor, Allegheny News.

"...will teach the reader how to use his strengths to the best advantage, regardless of his or her chosen field..."

Russell Weiner, Managing Editor, Muscle Up, Muscle & Bodybuilder.

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